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Sarine: Reimagining The Diamond Industry

For most consumers buying a natural diamond is an experience which requires research, weighing up several options, and calculated decision making. Oftentimes times it can be overwhelming. For example, you may want to know about provenance, traceability and social sustainability of the diamond you are purchasing, yet many traditional retailers can only provide you with 4Cs. Thee more knowledge you have about the stone you are considering purchasing, the greater the emotional connection you will have to your diamond. It adds romance – and peace of mind! - to your diamond when you know how it was mined, where it was sorted, cut, polished and certified. The journey of your diamond matters!

Let’s introduce you to Sarine. Sarine is a technology company that has re-imagined the diamond industry through their AI-based technology. Established 30 years ago by a group of passionate gemologists who joined forces with technological innovators, to establish the world’s first diamond technology company. With the help of technology, Sarine has succeeded in providing accurate and precise solutions to assist the diamond manufacturers to manufacture the diamonds in the optimal way. GALAXY®, DIAEXPERT® and DIAMENSION® are examples of Sarine advanced technologies that assist with inclusion mapping, external surface modeling for rough diamonds and high-fidelity 3D modeling for polished and semi polished diamonds. For over a generation, Sarine has developed and supplied breakthrough technologies that cover the entire diamond pipeline, from mine to the jewelry store and beyond. David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, explained to us that “Sarine’s digital reports enable consumers to explore every facet of their precious diamond, from the 4C’s grading characteristics to its origins and its journey from the mine to the ring”. In this blog, we are going to focus on two of the products that help the consumer to be educated about the diamond they are acquiring.

One of the most important products that Sarine offers is the diamond journey. The diamond journey provides accurate, traceable and verifiable data in regard to the journey of a diamond from rough to polished. By being part of Aura Blockchain consortium all the data is recorded in real time on blockchain. From the time that the diamond is scanned by a miner through 3D scanning, a link to its digital report is created by a verifiable image of the rough diamond. The creation of the link is the start of a chain of authentication at the every stage of the journey which results in a true end-to-end traceability. One of the important factors in diamond journey is that when the diamond lands at polishing sites they will get scanned again and Sarine’s algorithm matches it with the original scan to make sure it is the same stone and once it is verified, the registration changes to the new owner. So you can track back to see which continents, countries and companies handled your diamond. This also provides immense value for social sustainability of the stone, and the positive impact it had on the surrounding communities.

After verification of the rough, Sarine mapping, planning and polishing technologies assist the polishing site to determine the best cutting plan to achieve the perfect cut. During all the manufacturing process, Sarine Diamond Journey Traceability documents and captures information to record the transition process from rough to polished. Once polishing is complete; the polished stone is matched against previously documented actual and expected features for validation. The ID is once again registered by the manufacturer.

Next step is to use Sarine AI grading. AI grading is powered by artificial intelligence and years of in-depth research, which overcomes the inevitable inconsistencies of human observation. Resulting in accurate, consistent, and repeatable grading to relay diamond’s true value to the consumer. The Polished Validation stage verifies the stone’s ID by matching its various properties – such as its polish proportions, inclusions, and additional unique features – to the properties registered during the final planning stage. This verifies the polished stone is indeed derived from the specific rough.

Sarine Diamond Journey™ Traceability report provides an attractive visual by showcasing diamonds unique journey from rough to polished including every step of the way for it to land in the consumer’s hands.

In addition to the Diamond Journey report, Sarine also provides TrueMatch, an additional layer of protection for consumers by adding the stones to the TrueMatch system which verifies and validates the diamond by using a matrix and unique fingerprint inscribed in diamonds girdle that matches the data on Sarine cloud.

Another cutting-edge technology that Sarine provides is Light Performance. Light performance adds an additional dimension to diamond grading report by measuring diamond’s interaction with light to scientifically measure and determine diamond’s visual appeal.

There are two stages in measuring the light performance;

Stage 1 grades the following 4 parameters based on 5 levels: exceptional, very high, high, standard and minimal.

· Brilliance

· Fire

· Sparkle

· Light symmetry

Stage 2: based on the parameters’ measurement, total light performance is calculated for the diamond and the final grade provides an accurate assessment of the beauty of a diamond, on a scale ranging from Low to Ultimate.

· Low: Diamond with limited light return.

· Classic: Good light interaction creates classic beauty.

· Premium: Excellent visual beauty sets these diamonds apart.

· Ultimate: Only the rarest diamonds have ultimate light beauty

According to David “For over 30 years, Sarine has been providing cutting edge technology to mines, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide. As a result, over 100,000,000 rough diamonds are processed annually on our different technologies along the diamond pipeline, creating the only source of fully verifiable and independent data’’.

You can learn more about Sarine, their products and their current network of mines, wholesalers and retailers, here!


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