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Tracey Ellison

The Story of TheDiamondsGirl

Tracey Ellison is a South Africa born fine jewelry lover, who previously consulted to Fortune 100 companies on winning customer service strategies. While she loved helping companies develop loyal brand ambassadors, her heart lay jewelry. This passion led her to start an Instagram page, TheDiamondsGirl, to share her love and appreciation of beautifully crafted pieces with like minded individuals. Passionate about everything she does, Tracey has built a loyal following of jewelry lovers and industry insiders, and today her Instagram page is the largest jewelry influencer page on Instagram, with over 1,000,000 followers. Her daily Instagram feed features original content from high end jewelers, such as Graff, Cartier, and Harry Winston as well as creative, upcoming talent. She has been featured in the Financial Times, New York Post, Robb Report, Forbes Magazine, Porter, and more!   Join Tracey as she travels the world seeking out the rarest and most precious gems on her Instagram page TheDiamondsGirl

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