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From there I went to New Bond Street - first stop, Moussaieff! I will be posting a full blog post soon on my visit to Moussaieff, keep an eye out for that. In the meanwhile, enjoy the emerald and diamond masterpiece shared in the accompanying photograph. Next stop: Chatila, home to some of Bond Streets most magnificent creations. Of particular interest to me was the new Cleopatra bracelets - yellow, rose and white gold, multiple versions, adorned with polished and rose cut diamonds that Cleopatra herself wold have loved to have worn! Simply exquisite, watch a video of me trying one on here

Jewelry Journey


London is a jewelry lovers paradise, and you would be amazed at what I can fit into a fleeting 24 hour visit! 

The Jewelry Journey began with a visit to Harrods, where I spent time with Chopard, Harry Winston, and Lorraine Schwartz. Exquisite all diamond watches delighted me at Chopard, while Harry Winston presented me with a diamond and pear encrusted compact, that opens to reveal a mirror and a timepiece, see it here. Lorraine Schwartz was a pleasure as always, with an abundance of magnificent diamonds, Paraiba, emeralds, and sapphires to delight!



My Visit to Royal de Versailles

Last week saw me visiting Toronto to spend time in the amazing Royal de Versailles boutique. A veritable reassure trove of jewels, housing the most magnificent diamond rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as well as a superb range of well known brands, such as Pasquale Bruni and Sutra. Their range of luxury watches includes Chopard, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and many more! 

The jewels were fabulous, but what made my visit even more enjoyable was the warm welcome I received during my visit by the lovely Royal de Versailles team. Toronto - do your holiday shopping at this beautiful boutique! 








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