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The FCRF- The Gateway to Fancy Color Diamonds Trading

For years I’ve talked about Fancy Color Diamonds and their captivating rarity. I know many people in the diamond industry and enthusiasts that wanted to dig deeper into the rarity and unique characteristics of these color beauties, but the information was lacking and inaccurate…until the FCRF was founded in 2014. I would like to introduce you to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), this non-profit foundation has opened up a new world that gives an insider’s perspective on this lavish product. The FCRF is devoted to enrich, educate, and deepen the knowledge of natural fancy color diamonds and they are the gateway to fancy color trading. Those who are eligible for a membership get access to an ocean of data, research and insights flowing in constantly and creating a rich, vibrant and relevant place for experts, jewelers, retailers, mines to cross paths. I invite you to discover the FCRF and the membership options available to diamond professionals, including their new free trial. Click here to learn more.

New Tools Give Insight into Fancy Color Diamonds

We all know that Fancy Color Diamonds are rare, but never knew exactly how rare, or which factors determined rarity. The FCRF grants its exclusive members access to the “holy grail of talking points” a retailer needs during a sale of a fancy color diamond. Their Digital Rarity Report uses an algorithm that provides you with the ability to determine how many diamonds, with similar characteristics to the one in hand, enter the market over time. I was surprised by how small that number is! For example: I used the FCRF Digital Rarity Report and I discovered that a 4.84 carat Vivid Blue Pear shape Internally Flawless diamond, enters the market only once every 5-6 years. I also learned that only one out of 10 million polished diamonds over one carat has those same characteristics.

I was also educated about some of the famous Fancy Color diamonds mined or sold in the last two decades and learned that a diamond similar to the Oppenheimer Blue - a 14.62 carat, Fancy Vivid Blue, Emerald cut, VVS1 clarity diamond - enters the market once every 25 years or more! Personally, I think this is a crucial piece of information and I’m planning to further explore the rarity of fancy color diamonds. What I have learned thus far has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the fancy color diamond. I recommend all diamond professionals to discover more on the rarity, click here.

The Oppenheimer Blue (original FCRF image)

Price Index & Valuation

Because I see so many diamonds, many followers and retailers ask me what the retail buying price of a specific diamond should be. With colorless diamonds that information has been accessible for everyone, but with Fancy Color Diamonds there has been no benchmark for wholesale pricing, so prices were all over the place. The FCRF has developed two very important services regarding FCDs value:

The Fancy Color Diamond Price Index tracks the pricing behavior of Yellow, Blue and Pink Fancy Color Diamonds, 1 carat and above, from 2005 up to the present. The data is inputted constantly, and the index is updated quarterly. This gives Fancy Color Diamonds professionals -- buyers, dealers, retailers, etc - insight into the price the price behavior, as well as a generator of selling talking points and investment data. This is a game-changer for the Fancy Color market. Two examples of the information available are these graphs – comparing the price behavior of the category of blue, pink, and yellow diamonds, and comparing 5 carats Fancy Yellow and 5 carats Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds, starting at 2005!

The FCRF also has a dedicated B2B Valuation Service, based on profound and wide industry knowledge extracted from real time B2B transactions. The valuation methodology is based on the professional analysis of the unique color characteristics of a diamond. Whenever you need an objective and reliable valuation for a natural fancy color diamond, you can always find it at the FCRF here.

Expert's Lounge and Pre-Auction Analysis

The FCRF’s members-area also includes an Expert’s Lounge, featuring research articles, expert analysis, selling tools and insights into industry trends. One great feature of the Expert’s Lounge is the Pre-Auction Analysis, offering a close-up look at pieces up for the offering at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, from New York, to Geneva, to Hong Kong. The Analysis includes exclusive unprocessed preview photos, a rarity assessment, and an objective critique of selected natural Fancy Color lot up for auction. FCRF’s experts will make specific distinctions that are relevant to prospective buyers, such as hidden disadvantages that are not specified on the GIA report.

Here are a few examples of the articles:

Live Auction Broadcast

The FCRF saves you time and travel by bringing auctions to you with the Pre-Auction Analysis and the Live Auction Broadcasts. You will get FCD analysis by email and real-time auction results directly to your WhatsApp.

Professionals from all parts of the industry are joining as FCRF’s members and monetizing from the membership and acquiring the valuable means needed to handle Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. The FCRF clients and members are retailers, Jewelry designers, high-end jewelry brands, diamond traders, mines, financial institutions; investment companies, family offices and more. Any business who deals with fancy color diamonds can apply for membership here

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