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The Magic of Moussaieff

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Those of you that have been following TheDiamondsGirl for years will know how much I adore Moussaieff Jewellers. But you may not know why. Of course, the fact that they have both some of the worlds most magnificent jewels, and more importantly, some of the worlds nicest people, in their boutiques helps. But it's not the primary reason. Let me share something with you that few people know - Moussaieff Jewellers were the VERY FIRST jewellery house to invite me to have a private viewing of some of their rarest pieces, and allow me to photograph and capture the magic. This awakened in me a deep appreciation for exceptional design and craftsmanship, one that has set the standard for everything I did from that day forth.


Let's take a step back and better understand the history of this legendary jewelry house. In 1963 Shlomo Moussaieff and his wife, Alisa, moved to London and opened his first jewellery boutique in the lobby of the London Hilton on Park Lane. He later opened another store on London's Bond Street, a beautiful multi level boutiques where I have spent many happy hours! Shlomo and Alisa operated the business in partnership, Alisa managed sales while he designed the jewellery.

Today Moussaieff Jewellers has two London stores and a shop at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva, Switzerland. A ”Pop-Up” boutique opens annually in Courchevel, and those of you who will be there this winter will have the chance to see Moussaieff‘s exceptional diamonds, precious gemstones, and pearls for yourself!

What may NOT be in Courchevel is The Moussaieff Red, a trillion cut 5.11 carat red diamond, the world's largest known red diamond, but rest assured, there will be plenty of other rarities to catch your eye!

Shlomo Moussaieff retired from the business in 2004 while Alisa (affectionally referred to as “Mrs. M" throughout the jewelry business) continues to oversee sales, designs and acquisitions.


TDG: Moussaieff pieces are coveted by all who appreciate the finest gemstones and the best craftsmanship, and famous clients include jewelry lovers such as Elizabeth Taylor. How has the clientele changed in todays market?

MRS M: Whilst we sell to ultra-high net-worths around the world we sell to people with good taste who are knowledgeable about the product and appreciate the quality, design and price we are offering. Our clients are sophisticated jewellery experts, and are very discreet.

TDG: The Moussaieff Red is one of the words rarest and most famous fancy colored diamonds. Is it your personal favorite?

MRS M: I love the Moussaieff Red. But there are plenty of other gems that are hugely important to me as well. For example my new flower ring with a 1.13ct Natural Fancy Red Diamond and 1.13cts of Paraiba tourmaline, set in platinum.

Natural Fancy Red Diamond and Paraiba

TDG: How do you differentiate yourselves from other leading jewelers?

MRS M: We have exceptionally rare gems. We have a number of signature designs from grand necklaces and earrings, to rings that artfully showcase the special gemstones. We combine exceptional gems with stunning design which are investment orientated.

TDG: How have you seen jewelry styles change over the years? Is the demand for larger diamonds and colored gemstones as strong as ever?

MRS M: Yes we have a strong demand for this, especially for wedding sets. Clients often come to the brand through more accessible pieces, and we love to see our pieces cross over from day to night.

TDG: What's next for Moussaieff?

MRS M: Moussaieff has shown foresight and remained ahead of the game by being an early adopter of social media, and also by selecting exclusive exhibitions (such as La Biennale Paris) to showcase one of a kind creations.



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