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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Left to Right: Tracey, Marco, Chiara, Laura, and Bebe.

What a year it's been...for all of us! If you had told me at the beginning of the year that this is how events would unfold, I would have looked at you as though you were insane! No doubt you feel the same way. Among the many things that I am thankful for, one of them is that the Doha Jewellery and Watch Exhibition was able to take place - for it was there that I was able to spend time with one of my favorite Italian jewellery houses, Veschetti, before they, together with all of Italy, went into a nationwide lock down. I am happy to say that Veschetti recently opened their doors again, abiding by cautionary guidelines of course! This being the case, I thought it was opportune for me to share some insight into this iconic Italian jewellery house. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my interview with the beautiful Chiara of Veschetti!

TDG: Tell us a little about the background to Veschetti - when it began, the history of the jewellery house? CFV: Veschetti is an Italian historical trademark and a point of reference for luxury jewelry since 1949. Thanks to Laura and Marco, the company is now a well-known trademark all over the world. Each piece is authentic and unique, perfect expression of the most sophisticated "Made in Italy" handcraft tradition. Veschetti jewels are the emblem of the Italian beauty throughout the world, symbol of excellence and constant quality. Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of the 20th century, Veschetti creations are a perfect balance between classical elements and eclectic modernity. Veschetti presents its exclusive and renewed line "The Collection", devoted to a charming woman, dynamic and attentive to her image, a woman who stands out in everyday life for grace and femininity.

TDG: Signature Veschetti pieces are always wonderfully colorful and bold, tell us about the colored gems you use, and do you see a trend towards using more color in high jewelry collections?

CFV: Gems are the real trend (certainly for us) in the market. In our high jewellery collections we use all the gems! For us, we have always loved, right from the beginning, to match strong colors and mix different kinds of gems all together - its our power!

We are inspired by vintage, magnificent jewellers, like Van Cleef, Seaman Shepps, Gerard, Bulgari, and Cartier from the '50's to the '70's...the use of large, colored precious stones is from that is in our DNA!

We think it is very important to be instantly recognizable, we love to experiment with the use of different colors and different stones.

TDG: As TheDiamondsGirl, I always gravitate towards diamonds, and I have seen some of the most beautiful diamonds ever at Veschetti. Is there a particular diamond piece that stands out? Which one is it?

CFV: Each piece is so unique and with a piece of our heart, they all stand out! The diamonds we use are all THE BEST QUALITY.

TDG: You successfully combine your signature collections with vintage pieces, as well as with bridal jewelry. Do you see your customers combining jewelry (wearing a combination) or do they tend to wear one or the other?  CFV: The best thing is to play with jewels. Our clients are happy to play with them and wearing combinations is something very special!

TDG: Describe the Veschetti woman?

CFV: Sophisticated , glamorous  looking for unique and exclusive jewelry.

Wearing one of my favorite Veschetti suites.

TDG: I'm always interested in the creative process. Your pieces are so distinctive, really unique. What provides the inspiration behind your collections?  CFV: Precious stones are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for jewellers throughout the world. Often, a gemstone is the starting point of a piece’s design. Mother nature has not been restrained in the creation of a huge number of gems that differ in colour, clarity, toughness, brilliance, and the ability to change colour tone; giving craftsmen the freedom they need to turn their ideas into masterpieces.

NOTE FROM TDG: The suite I am wearing here is designed around an incredible collection of amethysts. This is the kind of signature Veschetti designs that I fall in love with!

TDG: Do you have a ready-to-wear line? if so, tell us about it.

CFV: Yes, we do! Elegant in its simplicity, The Jewellery Box collection is devoted to a charming woman, dynamic and attentive to her image, a woman that stands out in her every day life for grace and femininity.

Veschetti model wearing a gorgeous selection from The Jewellery Box's "Petites Fleurs Collection"

TDG: What makes Veschetti different from any other jeweler?

CFV: An important distinction is our legendary artisinal Italian work, its our distinctive feature. It's what gives us the difference between a tailor made jewel, all made by hand, and a commercial jewel.

TDG: Lastly, Covid19 has sadly affected us all, and the Italian Jewellery industry has felt the pain. How are you all doing, and how have you as a company been affected?

CFV: During the lock down the beginning was very difficult, but it was also a time of very good inspiration. We are always looking forward and the re-opening is giving very good results…. finger crossed!!! TDG: Thank you Chiara!

As uou all know, I have been a fan of this Italian Jewellery House for many years. I hope you enjoyed this interview. Please visit the Veschetti website at to learn more, and for a spot of online shopping from the safe confines of your home!


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