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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to visit two industry shows I have never attended before, and of course I grabbed the opportunity to explore new developments in our beloved jewelry industry.

The first show was OROAREZZO, a renowned exhibition dedicated to the gold industry held in Arezzo, Italy. The Italian gold industry has a long and prestigious history. Italy has been known for its skilled artisans and high-quality craftsmanship in jewelry making for centuries. Italian goldsmiths are renowned for their attention to detail, intricate designs, and exquisite finish.

Cities like Arezzo, Vicenza, Valenza, and Naples have emerged as important centers for the Italian gold industry. These cities house numerous goldsmith workshops, manufacturers, and international jewelry brands. They contribute significantly to Italy's reputation as a global leader in fine jewelry production, and all come together in Arezzo to celebrate Italy's proud heritage as a premier gold manufacturer.

Italian gold jewelry often carries the "Made in Italy" label, which is a symbol of excellence and quality. Italian jewelry designers blend traditional techniques with contemporary styles, creating unique and innovative pieces. The use of 18-karat gold is particularly prevalent in Italian jewelry, known for its rich color and durability. The Italian gold industry also values sustainability and ethical sourcing. Many Italian jewelry brands prioritize responsible practices and traceability of materials, ensuring their products meet international standards. Attending OROAREZZO not only offered me the chance to explore the country's rich gold heritage, but also the opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Arezzo, located in the gorgeous Tuscany region, together with several of my colleagues from press, and boy, did we have a great time! Memories and friendships were made, that I have no doubt will be as durable and enduring as the gold we saw!

Best time with fellow bloggers: Esther, Agata, Aneta, and Katarzyna.

Trend alerts:

  • Flexibility - gold that's almost liquid in its ability to move with the wearer

  • Chains - as strong as ever...all sorts, including diamond pavé chains

  • Enamel on gold - this trend brings a wonderful array of color options to the wearer.


At 4am in the morning I was collected from my hotel, and driven to Rome to begin the journey to Riyadh to attend Saudi Luxury Week.

This was my first time ever visiting Saudi Arabia, and the warm welcome I was about to receive completely took me by surprise! From the charming immigration official who welcomed me to Riyadh and said "enjoy Riyadh hun" to the beautiful people I met all along the way... everyone took such pride in their city and made such an effort to make all visitors feel welcome!

With show executives, Ibrahim Alzeer and Nader Freiha.

Saudi Luxury Week is a prestigious event that showcases the best of luxury brands, fashion, design, and lifestyle in Saudi Arabia. It takes place in both Jeddah and Riyadh, and I was super excited to be invited to the Riyadh edition. The show offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of luxury and experience the latest trends and creations. Top global brands, such as Moussaieff, Yoko London, and Kamyen Jewellery exhibit there, alongside an Italian Pavilion with wonderful brands such as Piranesi, Hasbani, and many more. Furthermore, it was extremely exciting to see Saudi jewelers exhibiting too, and to understand the evolution of jewelry design in Saudi Arabia.

During the show there was a great selection of panel discussions, and networking opportunities that took place, with industry experts sharing knowledge and expertise on a range of subjects from jewlery to gemstones to diamonds.

With guest speaker and exhibitor Ishaia Gol.

The show is a B2C show, meaning that consumers can buy directly from the exhibitors, and it was wonderful to see the brisk foot traffic, and the consumer interest in all things sparkly!

All too quickly the two days sped past, and it was time for me to return home. Laden with gifts from exhibitors and the sweetest dates from the exhibition organizers themselves, I began the return journey content in the knowledge that while this may have been my first visit to Saudi, it definitely won't be my last!


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