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Forms Jewelry: A hidden jewel in Hong Kong

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Fun Facts about Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese, and Kowloon mean “nine dragons”

  • It is ranked fourth in a global billionaires list and has 64 residents with personal fortunes of over US$1 Billion

  • There are 263 islands in Hong Kong

  • Dim Sum originated here and means “touch the heart”

  • the glittering skyline has over 8,000 skyscrapers

  • it is home to jewelers extraordinaire….. FORMS JEWELERY

As much as we love the skyline, the islands, and dim sum, nothing compares with a visit to master jewelers Forms Jewellery . The founders, Tzvika Janover and Elad Assor, are no strangers to exceptional stones, coming from multi-generational families of diamond cutters. Recently, Gilly Strauss joined the executive team as CEO, bringing over 18 years of experience in luxury brand building and value creation to the Forms Family. No strangers to the FORMS brand, we excitedly planned to spend time in the FORMS Hong Kong workshop, eager to learn more about this extraordinary jeweler.

Before we share our experiences with you, lets backtrack a moment to understand why we are so passionate about this brand. Bear in mind that we spend all day every day viewing exceptional jewelry. Yet nothing ever prepares us for the thrill of seeing a new FORMS creation. Each piece is one of a kind, hand crafted, and includes diamonds and gemstones rarely seen elsewhere. Over and above this…it’s all about the design! A FORMS piece can be held from any angle, and the beauty will still captivate you. The details are astounding, and the brand strives to “seek perfection in every imaginable detail of every piece, calling them works of patience”.

The artisans in the workshop patiently handcraft the creations, turning exceptional designs into flawless pieces of jewelry. The design and production artisans work seamlessly together painstakingly handcrafting each step of the process. The resulting pieces are perfect for the FORMS woman, who is as individual, unique, and stylish as the FORMS jewelry she wears. Through the years the design team have evolved the FORMS signature, but the commitment to selecting unusual gemstones and working with precision cut diamonds (diamonds that are custom cut for a specific piece) remains constant.

With only 100 new pieces created each year, FORMS strive to make sure every design counts. The new FORMS collection is based on the ELEMENTS and subtly conveys images of fire, ice,earth and water.  First we saw the earrings, which are detailed, light, flexible, and elegant.

“DIAMOND CHANDELIERS” BY FORMS, REPRESENTING FIRE AND ICE: The earrings have a sense of weightlessness and light, and are exceptionally flexible, gently swaying with every movement! The design team worked hard to make sure they used the least amount of gold possible – when it comes to earrings, a few grams can make all the difference. The earrings are designed to be both statement pieces and exceedingly wearable. Wear them every day with ease…or on the red carpet with confidence!

"Diamond Chandeliers” by forms, representing fire and ice: all diamond earrings

“Diamond Chandeliers” by forms , representing fire and ice: diamond & ruby earrings

In addition to the earrings, we saw several new rings that are part of the new collection. We saw designs that have been influenced by both floral (earth) and fire (flame) elements. The new rings all have clean continuous lines, a look only achievable by hand carving each piece until it is exactly right.

“The Lotus” by forms in rose gold and inlaid pave diamond band

“The Lotus” by forms in rose gold and inlaid pave diamond band

“The Eternal Flame” by forms: a fancy vivid yellow diamond along with specifically cut precision cut) white diamonds

“The Eternal Flame” by forms: a fancy vivid yellow diamond along with specifically cut precision cut) white diamonds


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