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Dazzling de GRISOGONO!!!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

It was with great excitement that together with Bebe Bakhshi, aka ChampagneGem,

I attended an exclusive preview of de GRISOGONO's new collections in Geneva. The Presidential Suite at Geneva's Four Seasons Hotel has been turned into a magical wonderland of spectacular jewels, bursting with fragrant flowers and the most incredible jewelry.

Upon entering the suite, my attention was immediately drawn to the high jewelry collection. For me personally, the appeal of de GRISOGONO high jewelry always goes back to two fundamental aspects of the brand: firstly, their bold and unique designs, and secondly, their creative combining of precious gems, resulting in color combinations that set my heart racing. This collection was no exception, and my attention was immediately captured by this diamond and sapphire Collier necklace. With six cushion cut sapphires and over 80 carats of white and icy white diamonds, it's pretty spectacular! I wore it with a 20 carat no heat Sri Lanka oval shape sapphire, which is set with 14 oval diamonds, and - get this- 550 blue sapphires!

Competing for my attention was this remarkable necklace: 2448 black diamonds (161.85 carats) set on three strands, each one showcasing a beautiful contrasting white round brilliant diamond! I am always fascinated by de GRISOGONO watches. Each one is a miniature work of art, click here to view my video of the watch below, which showcases the details perfectly. And as for the earrings on the right...215 emeralds meet 378 white diamonds...and voila, perfection is born!

As much as I love de GRISOGONO high jewelry, I also am a fan of their iconic signature collections, such as the Allegra, Ventaglio , and Gypsy collections. The collections are continually updated, so they remain classic yet current, always Below please enjoy some images captured while in Geneva, featuring from left to right: a new capsule collection, EXTRAVAGANZA DIVINA; The ALLEGRA collection; and the EXTRAVAGANZA RAGGIANTE collection.

All in all, it was a marvelous opportunity, to see and enjoy one of the worlds leading high jewelry brands. The appointment recently of a new Chief Executive Officer, Céline Assimon, heralds a new and exciting time for the jewelry house, and I, for one, can't wait to see what lies ahead!


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