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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Enjoying Dubai with Pooja (Kamyen) and Bebe (ChampagneGem)

Five I years ago, when I began TheDiamondsGirl I tended to post classic, timeless diamond pieces. Nothing gave me more joy than posting a beautiful emerald cut Harry Winston diamond ring. But as I began to spend more and more time on Instagram, spending hours and hours browsing jewelry pages, a jeweler who was unknown to me at the time caught my eye. Their pieces were different. They were bold, they were colorful, they were one of a kind creations that I fell in love with, and I immediately reached out to the jeweler to find out more about this brand. Fast forward five years later..and the jeweler, Kamyen Jewellery, has appeared on TheDiamondsGirl countless times, and remains one of my absolute favorite boutique jewelry brands. So you can imagine my excitement when Kamyen invited Bebe Bakhshi and I to Dubai to view their latest high jewelry and Pret-A-Porter collections!

Kamyen is a family business, three generations of diamantaires with one mission – to uncover the most exquisite stones in the world and transform them into extraordinary pieces to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. As a family-run, private jewelers Kamyen offer their clients an entirely bespoke service, ensuring the jewelry purchasing experience is tailored, discreet and more importantly, unforgettable. Each piece is a one of one creation - designed and created with love. The Kamyen client need never worry that she will come across someone else with the same piece of jewellery!

Classic Kamyen Emerald and Diamond Necklace From The High Jewellery Collection

Encompassing both a High Jewellery and Pret-a-Porter collection, in addition to an exclusive collaboration with leading Pakistani designer, Faraz Manan, wearing Kamyen instantly elevates your wardrobe, and is guaranteed to draw admiring glances no matter the occasion. For me personally, Kamyens signature statement necklaces are always what attract me first, and the Dubai trip was no exception. Several all diamond necklaces had me feeling like royalty, and as always, their emerald and diamond necklaces took my breath away.

Reflecting Kamyens Indian heritage was a collection of bangles,equally suitable for daily wear and stacked up for an elegant and luxurious evening look. As always, earrings are an important part of Kamyen’s collection. My favorite pair was this one, with sapphires, pearls, and rose cut diamonds. Bridal featured strongly, with exceptional diamond rings, and eternity bands to complete the look. The collection delighted me, and I encourage my Bahraini followers to make a point of visiting Kamyen Jewellery during Jewellery Arabia from 19th - 25th November.

Obsessed with these Kamyen sapphire, pearl, and diamond earrings.

Once we had viewed the collection, the beautiful and hospitable Pooja from Kamyen spoilt us with the sights, sounds, and tastes of Dubai! At Flamingo Room by Tashas, in the magnificent resort in Dubai, Jumeirah Al Naseem, I had my favorite meal EVER - Mozambique peri peri calamari serviced under a mountain of fries... which the server mixed together at our table. It’s exactly the kind of meal I am used to eating at home in Cape Town, and as I said to Pooja, if I lived in Dubai I would be eating that exact meal every day! Not surprising, Tasha is a well known Cape Town restauranteur, and it was fabulous to see her success in Dubai! We feasted on delicious Lebanese food at the Dubai Financial District, where our choices of dining establishments included global renown eateries such as Ciprianni, Zuma, and La Petite Maison.

All in all... an unforgettable few days... both the incredible Kamyen Jewellery we saw, and the magic of Dubai left us enthralled. Huge thank you to Kamyen Jewellery for making this trip possible, and so utterly fabulous!


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