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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Finally meeting the beautiful and talented Lucia Silvestri.

As a long time admirer of Bulgari jewels, you can imagine my excitement when an invite popped into my inbox, inviting me to an "Intimate Gems Table Experience With Lucia Silvestri, Creative Director, Bulgari". Lucia has been my girl crush for years, not only is she stylish, gorgeous, and chic in a way only the Italians can accomplish, but she is also undoubtedly one of the most talented, visionary jewelers of our time. Despite a grueling travel schedule shaping the start to my 2019, there was absolutely no way I was going to miss the chance to meet Lucia, and so off to LA I went!

Let me begin by saying that there are few times in life that the reality of meeting someone can live up to the expectation, but in this case, not only did it live up to my expectation, but it greatly exceeded it! Lucia was warm, welcoming, and so passionate about gemstones, I found myself hanging onto her every word, mesmerized by her magnetism. Lucia makes gems come alive, and she doesn't discriminate between gems, loving both precious and semi- precious gemstones. For her, the "personality (of a gem) is very important to me, the gem has to talk to me, I have to feel the gem. And if it has some inclusion, some imperfection, that gives it even more personality!"

A thirty carat Colombian emerald takes center stage, as Lucia playfully created this in a matter of minutes!

We gathered around a table filled with a rainbow of gems, all colors, shapes, and sizes were laid out, some as loose gems, others in the middle of the design and production process, and still others set in the most magnificent high jewelry pieces. It's a joy to see Lucia with these stones, when she opened a packet of multi-colored gems, laid them on the table, and then shifted them around to form a necklace, I was in gem heaven! But no, that was just the beginning... she then placed a 30 carat Colombian emerald in the center of the gems! And if that was not enough... she added a blue cabochon sapphire to the mix! In a matter of minutes, I was staring at what could be one of the most beautiful layouts I have ever seen!

No one does color the way Bulgari does color!

Lucia holding a board of kite shape gems, on their way to becoming a magnificent necklace!

I asked Lucia what comes first - the stone, or the design? It was interesting to hear that with colored gemstones, it is always the stone that comes first! The design is created to best highlight and showcase the gem. With diamonds, however, its the other way around. A design comes to mind, and the appropriate diamond is sourced to complete the piece. Interesting, right?

Champagne and canapes were served, and I left with a full heart, new friends, and the most magnificent coffee table book which will be my Bulgari go-to book for years to come! An unforgettable afternoon, time well spent!


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