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Hey There

For almost ten years I've traveled the globe seeking out beautiful jewelry. During that time I've been tempted on many occasions to buy the pieces that I am looking at for myself. As a lover of jewelry, I am sure you will understand that!  It therefore gives me great pleasure to bring some of those pieces to you...pieces that I love and adore, and I hope you will too. Over time, I will be adding more and more collections to TheDiamondsGirl shop.  HAPPY SHOPPING!

Shop the all natural Canadian diamond PYRAMID COLLECTION HERE.


Shop diamond paved DIAMOND PENDANTS HERE.

What can you expect?

  • I will only be adding collections that I love, and would personally love to own, If I don't already!

  • All diamonds will be natural diamonds, from the earth....the way nature intended for diamonds to be made!

  • Collections will be affordable.  Of course we all long for the high jewelry pieces I share on my social media channels, but want I want here is affordable pieces from collections that can be stacked, layered, worn and enjoyed!

  • The jewelers I work with are people I personally know, and I can confidently stand by their peices. And...they are all wonderful jewelers, passionate about what they do. We all want to work with, and buy from, people we know and trust.

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