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Gorgeous Gems Galore!

If you have followed TheDiamondsGirl on Instagram for a while, then you will know I started the page because of my love for diamonds (duh!), but over will have noticed an increasing abundance of color, as slowly but surely I fell under the spell of rare and precious gemstones! Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Paraiba's and more started appearing with increasing regularity on my page, as I grew to appreciate and love their vibrant colors.

By Dream Choice Jewelry, this carved mother and daughter pendant caught my eye!

I was therefore hugely excited when AGTA (American Gem Traders Association) approached me with an invitation to be a GEMBASSADOR at this years AGTA Gem Fair in Tucson, Arizona. Of course I accepted, when have you ever known me to turn down an opportunity to see beautiful gems? This was to be my first time visit to the AGTA Gem Fair, and as the date came closer, as excited as I was about this awesome collaboration, I honestly was unsure about what to expect! Let me tell you right now - I was blown away by this show! Not only by the gorgeous gems, jewels, and pearls that I discovered, but also by the people...and their very real love and passion for natures incredible gifts!

I spent two days at the fair, and met the most amazing people. Jewellers who I have admired for so long were there, buying the most incredible gems, that I would usually only see in the finished pieces. And the exhibitors themselves are so exited about their stones, they love sharing information about the gems, where and how they are mined, and the best uses for a particular stone.

Paraiba Tourmalines from RMC Gems Inc

Carved Jade from Mason Kay

Cobalt Blue Spinel from Color Source Gems

Fancy Pink Diamonds from Fancy Diamond Group

The Gem Hall housed the loose gems and pearls, and the variety and the selection was incredible, but trust me when I say that the Grand Hall, housing the Jewelry Designers, was a jewelry lovers dream! Housing brands that I have known and admired for years, such as David Gross and Dallas Prince, and new brands that were a joy to discover, I spent many wonderful hours browsing the booths!

Tanzanite Pendant by United Color Gems Inc

Multi color sapphire bracelets by Philip Zahm Designs

Tanzanite earrings by David Gross Group

All in all, I had the most fabulous time! Huge thank you to AGTA for inviting me, and congratulations on a spectacular event. I will definitely be adding this to my #Jewelry #Journey map in the future, hope to see you there one day!


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